Introduction of Osaka Aikijuku

Osaka Aikijuku was founded in 1994 with the kindness of Aikido dōshu (“master of the way”), Moriteru Ueshiba sensei, and the support of many senior members. Currently, we are active in Esaka, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture, where the main dojo is located, and also at Suita Municipal Martial Arts Hall, Senshinkan. In addition, our instructors are conducting training at a few branch dojos in Suminoe ward of Osaka, Takarazuka City in Hyōgo Prefecture, and Uji City in Kyoto Prefecture.

We offer training for men and women, young and old, beginners and advanced students, as well as families.

Beginner Class

Basic training focuses on basic movements and basic techniques such as ukemi (the technique of falling safely), shikkō (moving forward by sliding on one’s knees), kamae (stance), and sabaki (various defensive movements) so that even inexperienced students can participate.

General lesson

All levels, from beginners to advanced students, are welcome to participate.

Black belt lesson

This class is designed for those who received their shodan (first level), and focuses on awareness of the center connected to seikatanden (pit of the stomach).

Women's Class

This class is for female practitioners (elementary school students and above) regardless of whether they are beginners or black belt holders.

Elementary School Class

This class is for elementary school students. Parents are also welcomed to join with their children.